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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Since graduation parties are still going on, we thought we’d share this picture of the Russellville Public School. No date, but est. 1908. According to the Brown County Ohio Schools of the Past this building was built in 1855, then razed in 1908-09. The News Democrat does report in July of 1908 the state said the building was condemned due to being unsafe and had to be torn down. One article said Russellville sold $8,000.00 in bonds to build new, and that it was held to that low amount since they were going to use the same location and even some of the bricks.
This building had classrooms on the first floor, then a big single room on the second. Public meetings and events were held there. In September 1879 a murder took place upstairs! The Russellville Cornet Band was providing entertainment. Apparently, the band leader Lyburn Cropper went to get musician George Collins back on stage after a break—George​ muttered something to Cropper, Cropper said he’d beat the ‘heck’ out of George and punched him. George then put his horn down, grabbed a pistol and shot Cropper dead. Both young, about 29 years old.
The Ripley Friends of the Library Summer Book Sale this past Saturday was a success. Thanks to the Friends for all of the hard work putting out all those books (about 40 tables worth!) and especially thanks to everyone who came in to look, find and take boxes and bags of books away for their own library. The money raised will be used for programs, summer reading program materials, helping with the digitalization of the newspapers and more. The next Ripley book sale will be during River Village Christmas. The Friends have a shelf in the library where they sell new copies of local interest books such as Ann Hagedorn’s Beyond the River and John P. Parker’s His Promised Land. Good for gifts! Of course we always have library copies to check out.
The Summer Reading Program is off to a great start—we have had awesome sign-ups at the libraries, and this week starts the fun programs with a bit of a camping theme. You can sign up any time this month.