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Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Who can get a library card? Is it free?

A library card is free to all residents of Ohio! All adults, and children age 4 and older, are encouraged to apply for a library card.

Residents of Mason County, Kentucky, are also welcome to apply for a library card with the Union Township Public Library. If you are traveling, or from out of state, please ask at the desk, and we will provide you with a temporary guest library card.

    • How can I get a library card?

You can apply for a library card by filling out a simple form at any of our locations. When you apply, please provide a valid picture ID with your current address. If your driver’s license or ID doesn’t show your current address, please bring an additional document, such as a bill or insurance card, that shows your current address.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in order to apply for a library card.

    • Where can I use my library card?

You can use your Union Township Public Library card to check out items at any library in Brown or Adams county. If you already have an account in good standing with another library in Brown or Adams county, you may use that card to check out items at the Ripley, Russellville, or Aberdeen libraries.

    • I’ve lost my library card. May I get a new one?

Your library account still exists in our computer, even if you have lost your card. If the Union Township Public Library issued your original card, we will gladly provide a replacement card. The charge for replacing a lost card is $2.00. If your card was issued by another library, you must visit the issuing library to request a replacement card. If your account is in good standing, you do not need to show your library card to use library services; simply provide another form of identification, and we can access your library card account for you. If your library card has outstanding fines of more than $10.00, you must make a payment before you can check out additional items or use library services.

    • I have a fine. May I pay it later?

If your library card has been charged a fine of less than $10.00, you may continue to use library services and check out items, and pay the fine at your convenience. If your library card has fines of more than $10.00, you must make a payment before you can check out additional items or use any library services.

    • Can I borrow DVDs and VHS movies?

Patrons over 18 years old may check out up to 10 DVDs (per household) at one time, and any number of VHS movies. DVDs and VHS movies are due in 7 days from the check-out date. DVDs and VHS movies are free to borrow, but a $1.00 per movie fine is charged for each day a movie becomes overdue. Patrons under 18 years old may not check out DVDs or VHS movies.

    • How many items can I have checked out at once?

Patrons may have up to 30 items checked out at one time. If you have a teacher account, you may check out up to 50 items at one time.

    • What if I can’t find the item I want?

Ask us – we’d love to help! The Union Township Public Library is a member of the SEO Library Consortium, along with more than 70 other public libraries around Ohio. Member libraries share their items with library patrons throughout the state. If the item you’re looking for isn’t available at a local branch, we would be happy to place a request for you. Your requested item will be shipped from another library to your local branch, and we will call or email you when it has arrived.

You can also place requests by visiting our online card catalog. Simply be ready with your library card barcode and your PIN number, find the item you want in the catalog, and request it be reserved for you at your local branch library.

    • How do I place requests using the online catalog?

When you search the online library catalog, you are searching the collected materials of the SEO member libraries around Ohio. Items owned by the Union Township Public Library will be indicated with a green check mark. To request that an item be reserved for you and sent to your local branch for you to borrow, first search for the item. When you have found the item you want, click “Request Any Copy” or “Request This Copy.” Enter your full library card barcode and PIN number, and specify the branch where you’d like the item delivered. The catalog will confirm that your hold was placed successfully, confirm your preferred notification method, and show you how many other requests have been placed for that item. Don’t be discouraged if the list is long; libraries throughout the state purchase multiple copies of new or popular items, in order to fill high demand. A long list of requests can be filled relatively quickly!

    • The Online Catalog is asking for my PIN number. What is my PIN?

Your library PIN number is the last four digits of the phone number you provided on your library card application, unless you request a different PIN. You may change your PIN at any time, either by asking at the circulation desk, or by logging into the Online Catalog with your old PIN, clicking on “My Account,” and editing your PIN number.

    • I’ve lost a library book. What should I do?

The replacement cost of lost or damaged library items will be automatically charged to your account. An item is considered “lost” when it has become substantially overdue. Charges exceeding $10.00 must be paid before you check out additional items.

If you cannot find an item you borrowed, and it is not yet overdue, renew it and keep looking! Often lost items turn up under the couch, the bed, or the car seat. If you find and return a lost item, the replacement charge will be removed from your account.

    • Can I send and receive faxes at the library?

Yes! The cost to send faxes is $1.00 for the first page, and $0.50 for each additional page in the same transmission. You are also welcome to have a fax sent to you at the library. There is no charge for receiving faxes. We cannot send faxes to international numbers.