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Anti-Slavery Collection

The Union Township Public Library’s Anti-Slavery Collection contains materials that document the struggle to end slavery, and highlight Ripley’s unique history as an Underground Railroad site. While some documents in the Anti-Slavery Collection are for research only, many materials are available for circulation. The following is a selected list of items from the Anti-Slavery Collection that feature the Underground Railroad.

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Rankin, John. An Antidote for Unitarianism. Cincinnati, Ohio: Weed and Wilson, 1841

Rankin, John. A Practical Work on the Covenant of Grace, as Given to Abraham. Ripley, Ohio: C. Edwards Publishing, 1840.

Rankin, John. Letters on American Slavery. Boston, Massachusetts: Garrison & Knapp, 1833.

Rankin, John. The Reverend John Rankin’s Life Story as Written by Himself in His Old Age. North Carolina: Duke University, letters date 1836, 1833, 1836, 1838, and 1852.

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Updated July 2016