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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
We like these postcards of Higginsport. Both done by Kramer Art Co., the lower one postmarked 1916. Upper one might be a little earlier.
Have you ever noticed that some boulders actually look ‘like’ something? We think one of the boulders looks a little like a snapping turtle or tortoise head, with leads to a very cool children’s book titled And Still the Turtle Watched by Sheila Macgill-Callahan and illustrated by one of our favorite illustrators Barry Moser. Maybe the book influenced what we see in the rocks—what do you see? Kudos to Higginsport with their refurbished park, and congrats on receiving the grant.
Last reminder that the Ripley Friends of the Library summer book sale is this Saturday, June 1st from 10-4. Lots of great books, lots of different subjects, and as we’ve said before, there will be ‘collectible’ books scattered throughout—it may not jump out at you, but we’ve checked a few online and selling values of $40-80.00 are not uncommon. It is the hunt that is fun! Besides hunting for collectibles, there are lots of just darn good books for reading and browsing. The Friends use the money to help the library—from t-shirts for the summer reading program, to performances, to helping us microfilm and digitalize our newspapers. Please come out and enjoy the sale—we just ask for a donation, no high prices!
Our Adventures in Reading summer reading program started this week, but you can sign up anytime.
Reading for fun in the summer is a ‘sneaky’ way to encourage continued reading and prevent the summer slump. No quizzes, no essays, just read what you like, and for the little ones, pick out books you want read to you—that counts as well as you read towards earning a t-shirt and other incentives.
Happy reading!