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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
We love this 1846 woodcut of Ripley. It comes from Henry Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio. (we have the 1891 edition, but the print was in the 1847 edition and all editions afterwards) The Rankin house stands proudly on the hill, and you can even see the barn that Adam Lowry Rankin talks about in his autobiography. He says it was 125 x 80 feet, and when some slave catchers tried to burn it down, it had the years’ worth of wheat, oats and hay inside. Fortunately, the boys were able to extinguish the fire before it did any real damage to the barn. Ripley looks very prosperous—the town hall, the steamers, the wharf boat all look good! When Rev. Rankin moved to the top of the hill in the late 1820s, it was covered in old-growth trees, and by chopping them down and Adam hauling them with oxen to the town and the river to sell, it helped pay for the land and the ability to build the brick house. Clearing the land also allowed the Rankins to farm. Adam’s autobiography is very interesting to read, and we have a circulating copy of the typescript done by Belle Rankin years ago. The hand-written 700+ page original resides in the reference collection of Stanford University.
In less than three weeks, the Ripley Friends of the Library will be having their summer book sale on Saturday, June 1st from 10-4—we’ve received some lovely donations that will be spread over many tables—some of the fiction looks brand new! There will be collectible editions of books scattered throughout (we won’t tell which table, it is the hunt that is fun!). Gardening books, history, paperbacks, cookbooks, children’s titles, fiction, vintage and nearly new—always a bargain, and always fun to browse.​
For our kids, our Summer Reading Program, filled with crafts, programs and fun, will start on different days/times during the last week in May–go to our calendar on the ripleylibrary.com website for more details. If you can’t make it on ‘the day’, sign-up can be done anytime afterwards, we just plan to have fun and activities on the first day!
Reminder that author Gary Saunders will be at the Russellville Library this Saturday at 11:00 am to talk about his experiences as an X-Ray technician in a MASH unit over in Vietnam 1970-71. His book Hold Your Breath will be available for purchase after the talk.