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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Thought we’d go 150 years into the past and see what was going on in Ripley on May 6, 1874. So…browsing the Ripley Bee of that date, we learned that the local Presbyterian pastor Rev. D. H. Hamilton had written a book titled Autology: An Inductive System of Science . Looking up the word autology, the definition is short “the study of one’s self”. We don’t have the book in our collection, but note that it has been reprinted, or scanned from the original. In the description from the Ripley Bee, here is a tidbit—pretty deep!
‘Choosing is giving the consent of the self to the object of choice. In choosing the self is committed to
some act or thing. It commits, binds over and holds responsible the whole man, both for the choosing itself and for the thing chosen. Self-disposition is the essence of choice.’
Other tidbits include:
C. W. & S. G. Boyd opened a new dry goods store in Levanna—we often think of the Boyds as being the lumbermen and boat builders of the area, but they did branch out some. The store offered groceries, boots, shoes and hats.​
The ferry-boat ran into the willows on the other side of the river,…knocking down her chimney and breaking her jackstaff.
Criswell & Co., one of the several buggy makers in town, sold four buggies and a carriage to parties in Higginsport ..for a new livery stable just about opening in that village.
Temperence movements here and in Indiana discussed. Don’t know if related, but Reinert’s wanted to sell out his liquor stock, including pure Cynthiana, KY Whiskey—good for medicinal purposes as well as answering any and all dire necessities. (We love old advertisements!)
Ohio Valley Piano Co had a large ad for their Valley Gem and other grand, square and upright pianos
John Parker’s Phoenix Foundry and Machine Shop advertised sugar mills (for sorghum), sash weights, steam engines, threshing machines and even iron frames for school house seats.
J. Kiehl had a bakery on Main between Easton and 2nd Street—had the machinery to make crackers wholesale and offered farmers coffee at noon…
The Ripley Bee also covered national news including very current information on the Brooks-Baxter war in Arkansas. It was a short-lived event, with two men believing they were the true governor of the state. Election fraud, name calling, confusion on reconstruction after the Civil War and other issues caused the tension. ​Pres. U.S. Grant had to intervene.
We have the problem of looking at just one issue and going down the ‘rabbit hole’! We hope that you enjoy the old issues as well.