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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Summer is here in full force. One of the best places to sit and watch the river on these sultry days is under the roof of the Ripley Lions Club shelter. Seems as if it has always been there, but…digging into our archives of Ripley Bee photographs, this one shows the beginning of the shelter 34 years ago, taken around June 14th, 1990. To the Lions Club and volunteers that maintain this pavilion and the surrounding grounds—Thanks from all of us that take pleasure in sitting around the picnic tables and enjoy the view. Looks like a good week to stay calm, stay cool—seems perfect time for reading. Every week we add new books and movies, and even magazines keep rolling in—so plenty to choose from when you stop in.​
The Summer Reading Program continues to march along—we’ve been really delighted with the number of kids (thanks parents and guardians who bring them) who have been reading up a storm as well as joining us in the programs. Hard to believe June is already on the downhill slide—we already have kids that have read enough to achieve the first big goal, earning a t-shirt! You can still sign up and start reading and joining us for our programs—happy to have you. as part of our family of readers.