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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
With the recent rising (and now falling) Ohio River, we thought a flood picture would be appropriate. While there is no date on the card, we believe this is of the 1913 flood- the town hall ‘clock tower’ would have still been intact in 1913. It is fun to look at the details—the intersection hanging lights, the mortar and pestle on the corner of Maddox Drugstore, the insulators on the utility poles, the ladder to the second store window…almost as good as the seek and find puzzles! This is at the corner of Main and Second—had the library been here, we would have had a great view from our second story window.​
Happy National Library Week—while we aren’t having any crazy events, we hope that you are happy that we are around, and we plan to be here for a long time. Libraries are pretty unique in the scope of things we have and do– access to very old using new, such as the 1824 Castigator newspaper from Ripley, but now available online due to digitalization, our old 1940s fiction still goes out, but we also have fans of the latest April 2024 fiction releases. We fax, we copy, we have WiFi as well as computers, we listen to your questions and try our best to find a reputable answer. Your library card gives you access to eBooks and downloadable audiobooks, and we also have 1830s documents to look at. We do story times for our young patrons, hope to inspire reading through our summer reading program and offer meeting room space. We are a recognized Network to Freedom Facility and always trying to increase our collection of material on the region’s activities of the Underground Railroad as well as other local history information. We will never know it all, but we enjoy the hunt for information. Thanks for your support.
We hope everyone enjoyed the eclipse on Monday—Adams Brown Recycling and Brown County Soil and Conservation has left a box at the library for recycling the eclipse glasses to be sent to ​Latin American schools for students to use for their October eclipse, so if you aren’t saving for a scrapbook or other use, please drop them off at your library.