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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Since the topic of the day seems to be boat docks and landings, we thought this 1911 postcard would be appropriate. Ripley often had wharf boats for docking, a version of a floating dock as it was able to go up and down with the level of the river, allowing people and freight to load and unload safely. Notice that it is once again a drugstore (Maddox) publication. The postcards must have sold well, as many of our postcards were published by Maddox Drug, Red Cross Pharmacy or Bristow’s. Browsing through the early Ripley Bees (1860s) there was a town wharf committee and the wharf boat was leased. Just like today, the concern of the path to the wharf was important—we like the following from September of 1865: ‘The wharf has been almost entirely re-covered with broken stones, and the roads put in such a condition that the dray horses, instead of tugging their lives out as heretofore, now deem it a luxury to travel up and down, and wag their ears with the most profound satisfaction’
We hope that all of you that will take the time to observe the eclipse this coming Monday will take precautions to view it safely. At the time of writing this column, we still have a supply of free viewing glasses.