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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Here’s another not so terribly old postcard. Not postmarked, but ours has handwritten date of 1983 on the back. When you look at it, you might have a hard time orienting the streets with the building! This was the Huntington House restaurant in Aberdeen, but the postcard was printed in reverse, so Huntington Parkway is on the ‘wrong’ side of the building.
We find the first mention of the Huntington House in 1974, but seems it was quickly established as the place to have parties, meetings and good food. Styled as a smorgasbord, we suppose the food was ample as well as the spaceā€”in both the Adams County and Brown County papers there was frequent mention of club meetings, events and parties held there. It was also a bookmobile stop for many years (who knew one day it would become a free-standing library all of its own?!) Advertised as the New Huntington House 1985. By the time we were ready to expand our territory, the building still had a restaurant on one side of the building, as well as lots of small businesses including a podiatrist, sun tanning beds, even a earlier a place to purchase beer with a drive-thru window and we believe even a small church. Probably there were more small businesses that came and went in the chopped-up portion of the building. We started in late 1999 renting the ‘down river’ end unit, ultimately purchased the building after not finding a suitable plot of land to build. Once we owned it and after a major renovation, had a grand re-opening May 5th of 2002. We suspect there are lots of memories in the pre-library days of this building, but we hope, as a library, we are helping make more good memories with the patrons that visit the library to get reading materials, movies, use of and assistance on the computers as well as sometimes just stopping in the chat with the staff. Stay tuned for something exciting at the Aberdeen Library in the near future.
While supplies last, we are handing out ISO-approved eclipse sunglasses at all three libraries.