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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director

We thought this 1910 summer-y postcard would be a little bit of wishful thinking for the end of January. Calm, flowing river, trees leafed out, a scene begging for a walk down Front Street. This was another postcard that J. O. Arnold, Druggist had contracted with the Kraemer Art Co. Days are getting a bit longer, we see some daffodil green poking up through the leaf mulch, and the buds on the trees look just a smidge fatter—we just have to hold on and spring weather will be here.

Last year, the library was contacted for information on the Rev. John Rankin by Caleb Franz. We just got word that Caleb’s biography on Rankin titled Conductor will be published this fall, and he was grateful for all of the help he was given from the people of Ripley. Fun to see the results of helping someone—while we enjoy helping people do research, most times we don’t see a ‘final product’.

We purchased some old photographs from eBay, hoping that the large school picture might be a local shot. Alas, in hand one could read the little plaque that one of the students is holding, and it says Hartville. The only Hartville we can find doing a quick Google search was not too far from Akron, oh well. We’ve sent out an inquiry to see if their local historical society would want it for their collection. The photos of individuals are, as usual, unmarked. Some were taken in studios located in Ripley and Georgetown, another in Illinois, and the tintypes, who knows? Our goal is to find the best ‘home’ for identified material, and a box for the unidentified.

Looking at next week’s book releases, there are some heavy-hitter authors. Kristin Hannah offers The Woman, Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware returns in Ghost Orchid, Dean Koontz penned The Bad Weather Friend, James Patterson has Missing Persons: A Private novel this week, then Crosshairs next week, and twisty plot author Frieda McFadden offers The Teacher. A non-fiction book on the Megalodon shark titled Big Meg will round out what we think will be most popular of our early February purchases, but we add lots of titles in all areas of our collections—new health books, children’s picture books, young adult books…. as always, we invite you to wander in and browse at any of our locations.