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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Postcards for motels used to be pretty popular, and Aberdeen has a slew of them. We’ve just combined all that we have (so far) and will occasionally post them. We like this one of Chloe’s Delux Motel as it is the only one in our collection that shows the interior. At the time of publication, it probably looked quite modern. Today, it has a more retro vibe! Carey and Mary Rosselot ran Chloe’s Motel for many years. In Carey’s 1997 obituary, it says he has been the owner and operator of Chloe’s for over 30 years. Couldn’t find many advertisements in the Ripley Bee, the earliest piece was in 1973 but appeared to have been established for a while. The postcard was printed in Maysville at McKay’s Studio, no postmark.
Now 2024. Sounds redundant, but it is still amazing to us how fast the previous year went by.
We hope on your New Year’s Resolution list you have ‘visit the library more often’. Free, fun, informational and friendly. We also encourage you to try different authors—we consistently purchase the heavy hitters, but we also add well reviewed but not as well-known authors to our collection. Or maybe you want to investigate a new hobby, or delve into the history of an event—all here, just waiting for you. We’ve been informed that at least 4 more libraries will be joining our consortium in 2024—this means more items available for quick interlibrary loan. Every library has its own collection spin, so adding more libraries to the family means more to choose from. We enjoy searching for materials for our patrons—being a book read as a child, serious scholarship, obscure authors or quirky titles—let us look for you.
Happy and healthy New Year to all, and hope to see you soon.