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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Congratulations to the Rankin House for their 75th anniversary being open to the public. We thought you might like this 1910-12 postcard of the house a few decades before the State of Ohio purchased and began the preservation of the house. The state actually purchased the ‘Eliza House’ at the end of 1938, after a year of planning. After working on the house, land and access road, it finally opened as a state memorial in 1948. It is interesting to read the progression from purchase to opening. Early in the decade-long history of getting it ready, phrases of “park and recreation’ were talked about, then WWII took place and most projects were suspended. Concerns then are concerns now—keeping the underbrush under control, making the road safer, finding accurate information on the house during restoration. Lots of chatter about pieces of Rankin furniture being found or purchased for the building—the Kiwanis Club was active in purchasing some pieces of furniture and holding until the house was ready. In the late 1940s the club even wanted to light it up for Christmas, a precursor to the idea of the star that shines brightly in recent years. It is something to be proud of, and from multiple windows at the library the Rankin House looms large on the hill.
FYI, we are honoring the actual Veteran’s Day, so all of our libraries will be closed on Saturday, November 11th, but we will be open regular hours on Friday November 10th