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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Earlier this year we shared the Van’s Gas Station and Restuarant postcard from the mid-1950s. Here is another one, same vintage—we’re pretty sure everyone will be able to figure out where it is! Mr. Richey founded the business and built the building in 1953—the deli advertised fresh vegetables and fruits, meats and bread along with Mobil Gas and the best greases. In the advertisements it states the operators in 1953 were Daniel B. Richey and C.F. Davis. Richey’s was sold in August 1957 to Mr. & Mrs. Howard Kabler.
We expect the week to be a little slower than usual due to the wide participation in the Brown County Fair. Looks like a good week weather-wise!
So, in between watching the tractor pulls, wandering the midway and rooting for your favorite horse/cow/goat or flower arrangement, we welcome you to stop in. We’ve added lots of books this past week, including local author Terry R. Cooper’s latest Crossing Tracks. This coming-of-age novel in the 1970s starts in Sardinia and has other local scenes before the main character hops a freight train to travel out west. To help your selections in books, we subscribe to the magazine BookPage and have free copies available for you to pick up at all of our branches. The October issue just arrived on Monday, and this is a great tool to find new ‘reads’ with reviews and author interviews that just might pique your interest.
Next week will be the beginning of of Ripley’s Toddler Tuesdays for 1–2-year-olds. Great way to start socializing and associating fun with the library. Join us at 10:30 in the morning on October 3rd for the inaugural program.