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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Alas, the library did not have the winning bid on this awesome postcard, but we did save the image. This is at the corner of Main and Second, pretty much the view the library has looking out the window. Here’s what the Ripley Bee of January 31, 1922 has to say ” The Highway Inn. Ripley people are awaiting with interest the opening of the new Highway Inn which will occur in about two weeks. It will be the most modern restaurant in this section, embodying many new features. A fine range and cooking outfit has been installed and sandwiches of all kinds will be served. It will be something the town has long needed. It will be artistically furnished and specialize in good cooking.”
What might not be obvious is the restaurant was on the second floor—underneath the Highway Inn sign it says ‘upstairs’ and the entrance was on Second Street.
Not sure how long it lasted as our 1920s Ripley Bee collection is rather slim—there is mention of it in several of the “it happened many years ago” column and talked about parties and events at least through 1925.
As many of the library users know, we share and borrow material between over 200 libraries around the state. It has always fascinated us what we lend out—we don’t know the person asking for it, we just know what library to send it to, and the assortment is a good indication of how broad public library collections are. This weekend we sent out books on Persian and Chinese mythology, how to make historic American costumes, fiction that just came out last month as well as an Agatha Christie mystery. A few consumer level health books, a field guide on beetles, biography of a survivor of Auschwitz as well as a biography on a WWE wrestler, and this was just on the first page of the ‘want’ list! Every day is different, and we almost wish the books would whisper to us when they return if the person requesting the book found it useful or enjoyable.
The last weekend in July will be eventful here at the library. Not only do we have a talk about paranormal findings on Saturday the 29th at 11:00 am, but we just got word that Steve Free and his band will be performing in the annex on Sunday the 30th at 3:00 pm! Hmm, just like our book collection—wide range of topics and interest here at your local library.
Our apologies on the parking lot earlier this week. We had hoped it would be ‘cured’ and painted by Monday, but best laid plans don’t always come true. We are hoping that the elevator will be running again by the end of the week.