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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
With the recent improvement of the quality and clarity of the Ripley water, we thought this image would be fun to post. In the library collection we have the label, as well as a glass jug with a metal screw top lid with the same label attached. Still filled with water, and no visible sediment or deposits have precipitated out. Years ago, Ripley had an excellent reputation for having being sweet, soft and delicious spring water and people would drive for miles to fill their own jugs to take home. We’ve been informed that Women’s Club jugs were actually empty Coca Cola syrup bottles from Bristow’s soda fountain and filled with fresh water then sealed with wax. During all the floods, both minor and major, drinking water was at a premium —you might not have been able to leave town to get safe water so these jugs may possibly have been a service project of the Ripley Women’s Club to have at the ready for the town residents. Perhaps someone from the Ripley Women’s Club could expand our knowledge of this long-ago project of theirs.
Hard to believe that the month of June is nearly over. Our Summer Reading Program has been progressing very well, and kudos to Russellville Branch for breaking record attendance! Thanks to all the parents and guardians that bring their kids to the library to have fun with crafts, programs and camaraderie. Ripley had the first ‘100’ books read last week, and that is quite an accomplishment.
The library will be closed on July 4th next week, and we hope that everyone will be able to celebrate what Independence Day really means.