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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Two postcards, different views, but both highlighting the way freight and passengers boarded the Ripley ferry, in this case the long running Proctor K. Smiley. The top card is postmarked 1908, the bottom card was never mailed but likely a little younger in age.
In the Ripley, Ohio Its History and Families Vol. 1, it says ” After the Maggie May came the steam ferry Proctor K. Smiley. In the early ’80s (that is 1880s!) the Proctor K. Smiley was owned and operated by Capt. Ernest Kirker. In 1896, Capt. S. M. Flesher of Levanna bought the Smiley for $5,000.00. His son Charles was put in charge. For many years Capt. Robert T. Corbin owned and operated this ferry across the Ohio between Ripley and South Ripley, KY where the Chesapeake and Ohio trains stopped. Capt. Corbin sold his interest to the C & O in 1921.”
According the January 4th 1923 News Democrat, the Proctor K. was sold by Capt. Corbin and sent to Kenova, W. Virginia. The next ferry was the Central City, which started right away so that the C&O Railroad business would not be interrupted.
If you notice brick dust and loud grinding around the Ripley Library, we are finally having brick work done—repairs of cracks in columns, washing off the effluence (that white haze on bricks from water), repairing capstones and a million other touch-ups. We love our building, and it has been overdue in getting this ‘face lift’. Sometime this summer, we will also be repairing sidewalks and stairs.
Our libraries will be closed Monday, June 19th in observance of Juneteenth.
Per the Phoenix Mill from last week, we’ve added to our Facebook the 1876 map of Russellville with ‘Mill St’ as being a likely location. We also looked at the 1914 Property Transfer books-The Phoenix Milling Co. forfeited lots in Russellville—parts of In Lot 70, 71, 79 and 80 as well as a 2 acre lot in September of 1914. All transferred to P. Polasky.