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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
We wish we had as many postcards for our branch library communities as we do for Ripley, but sadly not the case, so only occasionally will we post one. We thought since the last Aberdeen school building was recently demolished, we would look at the school building that was there before. The Methodist Church is still stands, although look at the difference in the steeple! According to the Brown County, Ohio Schools of the Past book, the school building was built in the early 1900s, and then replaced with most current in 1937-38. No date or description on the back of the postcard, so not sure what the event was—graduation? A class performance?
Final reminder that the Ripley Friends of the Library will be hosting their summer book sale this coming Saturday. They will be working hard this week sorting the many, many boxes of books to make it easier to find what you are looking for! Lots of cookbooks, fiction, history, gardening, inspirational and other topics. Some quite old and interesting, some look like they’ve just come fresh from a bookstore. Help the Friends out (they don’t want to have to repack any books) which in turn helps the library, with support towards the summer reading program, programs throughout the year for everyone, as well as helping out the library purchase materials and supplies. So mark your calendars! Saturday, June 3rd, 10-4 at the library annex. Thanks.
We had a really fine time with author Terry R. Cooper this past Sunday—fun to talk with and listen to, so we’re pretty sure he’ll be back close to the end of the year—by then, he plans to have three more books out!
Next Thursday, June 8th at 7:00 p.m. we’ll have an author that should be lots of fun as well. His first book, No Dogs in Heaven? came out in 2005 and he spoke at The Written Word bookstore here in Ripley those many years ago. Nearly two decades later, with many more country veterinarian stories to tell, Robert T. Sharp, DVM will be here to discuss his latest release The Bull in the Darkness and the One-eyed Dog. Dr. Sharp hails from Hillsboro, so many of the stories are easily relatable. He will have both books available to purchase after the program, and I hope that you will join us in welcoming him back to Ripley. If you enjoy the James Herriot books, we think you will like a more local approach to animal (and people!) stories through the eyes of a well-loved animal doctor.