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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
For those of you still wondering… the postcard last week is the house next to CoHeart’s. There were a lot of comments and details on the library Facebook about the house and who had lived there. We knew where it was, but thought it would be fun to encourage everyone to walk or drive down Front St. to figure it out. Like we said, change a few things and it is amazing how different it can look. Thanks for all of the interest.
This week’s card is another ‘just a shot of everyday Ripley’. We are glad that the postcards aren’t all parades, floods and historical sites as it does give a feel of the rest of the neighborhood. We could do flood pictures for months, and trust us, some will be scanned soon! This postcard is postmarked 1908, 115 years ago.
It is January, and with the time of the year comes iffy weather. Just a reminder, while we try to stay open as much as possible, if the road conditions are not good, call before you head out to come to the library..we hope to have no closings, but you never know. Is a good time of the year to curl up with a good book, be it a whole book on soup recipes, a new biography, an old favorite that you haven’t read for years…great thing about public libraries is the wide variety of books (and movies, and magazines and more). We appreciate academic and specialty libraries and do borrow from them, but having everything from westerns to science fiction, tree identification to Mexican cooking, classics to romance, nothing beats a public library! Stop in, browse around, chat with the staff—we are here for you.