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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Thanks to everyone that came to meet and listen to author Kathy Schulz this past Sunday—always fun and informative to hear about research that includes our neck of the woods. We think she’ll be a good spokesperson for Ripley as she goes around the state to discuss her book. She commented on how many people still have either no idea how important Ohio was to the UGRR, or have a wildly romanticized version of the dangerous job is was to help the freedom seekers.
Today’s postcard. This house is on Front St. but we suspect it won’t immediately come to mind. It is a good example of how a change of trim, fence and landscaping can transform a look! We don’t know who the woman is standing in the picture—there is no writing on the back of the postcard, but it is an AZO postcard and the markings date it between 1904-1918.
This Thursday January 19th the genealogy club will be welcoming Brown County Recorder Mariah Votel to the 6:30 pm meeting. She will be showing how researchers can use the now digitalized deed records of Brown County. All are welcome to attend.