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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Well, we don’t recommend being closed for 4 days! Our apologies for choosing to close Friday and Saturday due to the cold weather, and then of course closed for the Christmas holiday. For anyone that had materials ‘due’ on our closed days, all dates were changed to December 27th. If you didn’t stock up on books or movies before we closed, we hope that you remember that eBooks and some movies are available through the Libby app—all you need is your library card and PIN number and you can download instantly.
The postcard of the day looks about as cold as it is currently (well, except the hand-colored green on the banks looks a little off) The card is postmarked 1910. The riverfront is rather different than today, with the long sloping banks and the wharf boat waiting to load or unload cargo. If you look closely, you can see other differences—the Methodist church still has its steeple, the Hauck Lager sign on the old Riviera building, and the clock tower on the old school building. The churned ice on the river just looks cold.
A reminder that we still have BinaxNow Covid test kits available for you to pick up at all three of our libraries in Ripley, Russellville and Aberdeen. You need to call ahead so that we can place them out in our pick-up locations. Currently the state is once again encouraging people to do the testing with a proctor online during the holiday season due to the anticipation of higher COVID rates, and if you test positive while doing the test ‘live’, the proctor can connect you with a clinician to determine if medical advice and in some cases medical assistance can be provided. All of this is explained on a sheet provided when you pick up the test kit. We appreciate the Ohio Dept. of Health in providing us with the tests so that we can have them available to you free of charge.
Our plans for New Year’s Day holiday and we think the weather will allow, are to be open until 2:00 p.m. on Saturday December 31st and closed on Monday January 2nd. Pre-school story time will start up again the week of the 2nd at both the Ripley and Russellville libraries. Happy New Year!