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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Monday morning and the Village of Ripley Christmas tree is being set and decorated. We had heard of a very large tree that was offered to us, but on inspection, there were lots of electric wires near by, so for safety’s sake…we have the library’s own Randy Truitt to thank for offering his tree. The village once again has come to our rescue to help set the tree—always makes a difference having the right people and the right equipment to make the job easier and safer. Of course, Red Malone has been heavily involved with the tree procurement—it has been decades that he has helped find and retrieve the trees for our library. This year, the Friends of the Library felt it was time to spruce up the lights and ornaments so we hope that you will enjoy the tree.
Tree lighting is this Friday at 5:30 pm, and there will be music and presentations on the stairs. Looking ahead at the forecast, the temperature looks good, and we can hope that the chance of rain will be minimal. We hope that you join us in celebrating the season as well as kicking off the River Village Christmas weekend.
The Friends of the Library will be ready to welcome all of our book sale fans as soon as the tree lighting is over—just walk over to the annex. More music, hot chocolate and cookies to put you in the seasonal mood. We have lots of books covering all sorts of genres and most of the books have not been offered before. A mix of fiction, biographies, cookbooks, history, kids’ books, a few local themed books and more— we think there is really something for everyone, be it personal reading or gift giving!
In decorating the library for the holidays, we keenly miss Mary Katherine’s touch and know we will never be able to match it. The Friends of the Library used a small portion of the money donated in her name to purchase a ‘little red truck’ and have it on display behind the front desk. This was one of her most liked images, and we thought it appropriate to have one that we can use every year and remember both Mary K. and Bill as loved members of the library family. (The teddy bear in truck is one of hers brought in by the family)