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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Happy Thanksgiving to all. We hope that everyone can be with friends and family. We will be open regular hours on Friday, so hope to see you then.
Hard to believe, but River Village Christmas is not that far away, and that means….Friends of the Library Book Sale along with all of the festivities of the tree lighting. The book sale will start after the tree lighting ceremonies on Friday December 9th.
We have lots of nice newly donated books as well as recently ‘weeded’ items. Deleting is a tough task mentally—the books may look really good, but the computer says it hasn’t been used for years. Case in point, we weeded a few cookbooks and found ourselves flipping through the pages going, umm, this sounds good and making photocopies of the recipes. Still, for room on the shelves for new books, we deleted them from our collection, and hopefully they will find a place in your cookbook shelf at home. We’ve also weeded from all throughout the library, so treasures abound. The book sale is a great opportunity to pick up a potential gift, a reference you didn’t know you needed, a gardening book to start thinking about next year or just stocking up on winter reads.
Recently a patron donated a page from the Columbus Citizen dated July 14, 1940. Apparently, the paper went around the state and picked a town to highlight with pictures and captions. On this day, Ripley was the ‘pick’. Paper is not in good shape with creases and tears, but many of the pictures are still whole, just a bit tired. More people than buildings, which makes this a bit different than most newspaper and magazine snapshots of a town. We’ve left the captions so the pictures are pretty self-explanatory, and if you want to see more, as this is just a sampling, let us know.