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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
We have heard, time and again, how much fun people have when we use the ‘time machine’ and go back into Ripley’s history. Thought we’d try 75 years ago, so pulled out the Ripley Bee of September 18th, 1947.
Headline is “State Begins Restoration of Eliza House”, with the Ohio State Archeological and Historical Society planning to return the house to the way it was when John Rankin lived there, allowing it to become a documentary museum. The road to the museum is a concern today, as it was back then—before the state came, local businessmen Capt. Hugh Gooding, Dr. Crist, H. C. Paeltz, Cy Howard and Ed Yockey worked hard on making the road passible, replacing the bridge with a culvert, and cleared the road bed to 40 feet wide in anticipation of the state’s heavy equipment. Now, in 2022, the road once again needs some serious work for safety.
Capt. Wesley Love of Higginsport was attempting an Atlantic Ocean crossing in his 63-ft yawl (2-masted sailboat) named White Cloud but bad weather and an injury to the navigator put a stop to the plan after sailing 450 miles. Capt. Love flew combat missions over the ETO during WWII.
Ruth Germann wins a golf tournament in Winchester, KY.
Dale Wilson will graduate from the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science. He had served 3 years in the armed forces in WWII.
Capt. A.D. Butler passed away at the ripe old age of 96. His primary connection with Ripley was as an engineer on the Ripley ferry W.S. Taylor from 1931-1940.
The Ripley-Union Schools were reopening after having been closed since Sept. 3 due to a student (Dorothy Rose Kennell) contracting polio.
Four stories of car accidents, at least one with a fatality.
FBI nabs Ross Morrison at Sullivan Shoe Factory in Georgetown for going AWOL from Navy in April.
Burley market will open on December 1st.
Two local softball teams, the Style Arch Shoe and the Ripley Merchants are entered in a tournament sponsored by the Maysville Recreation League.
All this and more just on the front page!
FYI, the Genealogy Club meeting date has been changed to Thursday September 22nd at 6:30 p.m. in the library meeting room.