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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Many of our readers use the newspaper archives available on our website, and we want to continue to add to the collection. We’ve always stuck with Brown County papers for obvious reasons, but we get requests for other counties, especially Adams County. We are going to ‘test the waters’ on this with The Manchester Signal (on some issues above the banner it says it is the highest circulated paper in Adams, Brown and Highland Counties). We have been lent a few very fragile scattered copies of the Signal (1911-1938) and we have reels of microfilm of the Signal from the 1970s and 1980s, so this would be a sampling. If the feedback is good, we will expand this, and while not planning to digitalize every Adams Co. paper out there, we hope that it might help in researching this section of the Ohio River Valley. It will be quite awhile before this shows up on our site—projects like these fall under the ‘hurry up and wait’ category, but we’ll keep you informed.
News tidbit from over 100 years ago from the Public Ledger, Maysville, KY. July 17, 1918.‘Ripley Wharf Boat to be brought here. Old Steam Boat Will be Used as Wharf Boat at Ripley and Large Boat Will Be Transferred to This City. Plans had been made to bring the Ripley wharfboat to Maysville this week but because of low water it is hardly possible that this will be done. The steamer Tacoma was to have towed the wharf here yesterday but she has been stuck on a sand bar and is unable to make the trip……the Ripley boat which will be installed here is a very large one and has been put in first-class condition. An old steamboat is being put in shape for use at Ripley by the Greene Line.’ The Ripley riverfront is and has always been changing…
We have heard your complaints about our potholes in the front of the library parking lot. Trust us, there is a plan to fix, there is the contract to repair the entire parking lot—re-surfacing, re-defining the area and new striping is in place, but we haven’t made it to the top of the list yet—should be this fall, but other than that, we have no specific date. Please be careful and patient— getting crews to do work has been frustrating for us, and we’ve heard we are not alone.