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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
Now August–meaning school starts soon, the Summer Reading Program is winding down, and time for all of the projects/trips you planned to do this summer is running out! Oh well, happens every year. We have received our second shipment of Summer Reading Program t-shirts, so if we were out of your children’s size when they hit the 50 book mark, stop in again. Still time finish your reading goal before school starts. Our last program program at Ripley and Russellville will be held next week. Thanks to everyone that participated–it’s been a good year!
No in-depth reference findings this week, but plenty of teasers. You never know what will pop up on a whim, or when you are searching for one thing and find something completely unrelated. We were browsing in the Internet Archive site, and came across a 1922 copy of Kincaid Genealogy written by G. L. Kincaid. These Kincaids came from Scotland to Pennsylvania, then to Adams Co, with a fair number moving to Brown County, heavy in the Sardinia area, but also in Ripley. Matthew Kincaid was born in 1793 and moved to what is now Brown County, north of Sardinia in 1816. He created a tanning yard and ran it for more than 40 years. He was elected Clerk of the Township and served as Justice of the Peace for many years. In 1860, he sold his farm and purchased another one outside Ripley. The entry continues with “he was active as an agent of the of the so called “underground Railroad.” Politically he as first a Democrat, then Whig, then Abolitionist and then Republican. We will add his name to the list of abolitionists–would that there would be an official, complete list of all that participated, but as an illegal and risky endeavor, all we can do is add names as we find them. He died in 1871. We have ordered a reprint of this little 44 page book for our collection.