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With Memorial Day approaching, and in Ripley the events often start down near the monument at the end of Main Street, we thought we’d share a postcard of the monument shortly after it was installed, looking pristine, which we hope ours will look once again after renovation. (Grey plastic wrap and straps protecting it currently just isn’t a great look at the moment, but we understand the need to prevent any further deterioration until the restoration work can start).
If you look closely, you can see one of the coal trestles to the left, allowing coal to be removed from the delivering barge in small cars up the track to be probably dumped on the scales. The little boy is holding a pennant with Ripley emblazoned on it, wouldn’t be surprised if the dog on the wall was his. Is the horse and buggy from one of the stables in town? There were several doing business in 1912, including Kendell Livery Stable on Main near 2nd (probably the one you can see a wall of in the early pictures of the library) as well as Williams on 3rd. Or maybe the buggy itself was purchased from Williamson’s on 3rd—they made as well as restored buggies in 1912. We can’t quite make out the name on the steamboat—maybe if we could find a list of the boats travelling up and down the river in 1912 we could make an educated guess. The details of postcards and photographs reveal lots about the time and place.
Here’s hoping the RULH alumni dinner and dance is a blast this Saturday—by having the tickets sold at the Ripley library through this past Monday, there seems to be a lot of interest in finally being able to get together with classmates.