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Good news! Our new courier company started today, and we expect that your title requests will start to fill much faster in the next few weeks. Of course we worry about the over 600 items that Ripley alone has ’in transit’ to us under the old company—we hope that they find their way home—some items have been ‘in transit’ for 5 months! Most are returns, but there are a fair number of hold requests in that backlog as well. Our tracking isn’t quite as sophisticated as UPS or FedEx—all we get to see is the lending library has pulled the item off the shelf, labeled it and sent it on its way—we don’t know what warehouse or truck it is on. Fingers crossed for a major improvement throughout the state of Ohio.
A reminder that next week on Thursday April 28th at 7:00 p.m. the return of the genealogy group will return at the Ripley library. This is an informal gathering of folks interested in finding their roots as well as telling some of the tips and tricks in finding clues.
Prior to the shutdown due to COVID in 2019, Tom Zachman rekindled his passion for sport rocketry and wanted to share this excitement with the kids and adults of the area. For those that participated in the junior building and flying of rockets, that first build and launch was done here at the library (well, the launch was done behind the Ripley high school). Tom established the Ripley Ohio Association of Rocketry (ROAR) and fulfilled the requirements for the group to become a member of the National Association of Rocketry, which fosters the fun, interest and safety of sport rocketry. On Saturday, May 21st at 10:30 a.m., Tom is sponsoring a kid’s build and fly event again. For children ages 10 and up, there will be a short history on rocketry given, then each child will be given a rocket kit to build and decorate. Pizza will be provided as lunch, then everyone will meet at the rear of the Ripley high school (weather permitting) for the launch—with contests for who lands closest to the launch pads, best decorated and even rocket drag races!
This is a free event, but there is maximum of 20 kids allowed, so we encourage you to call (937-392-4871) or stop in to register for this kick-starting of ROAR.