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Even with the threat of ice and flood later this week, spring really is around the corner!  Spring peepers are peeping away along the river and the daffodils are poking their green shoots up out of the mud.   Now, if we can just get through the week without too much water, in whatever form it comes out of the sky.

We want to apologize for the poor delivery service our patrons have put up with the last nine or so months. The state changed contracts for the statewide delivery of library materials, and while the company they selected after the bids came in had a very good reputation, they weren’t and aren’t a good fit for the amazing amount of material that Ohioans request.  The good news is in late spring, the state will be returning to the company that we had for quite a few years—sure, they had some issues, but they understand the system, and have warehouses and drivers in place. So…please bear with us as we once again will have to go through a transition period, but on the ‘other side’, it should be much better again.  The only good delivery we can guarantee is between our three branches, as we handle that personally.

In the meantime…we recommend you stop in, browse and walk out with books, magazines and DVDs without waiting! We are always adding new material in all categories, and while it makes for great displays all of the new material, we’d really rather it be in your hands to enjoy.  When an item leaves to fulfill another libraries’ request, we don’t know when it will return—if it gets ‘lost’ in the transit, it could be months before it returns.  So, find a new author, see if your favorite author has a new book out, a new season for a TV series, a topic you want to investigate…so much here at your library!