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Phooey on being closed for a couple of days, but that ice was pretty wicked. Brown County is interesting—Ripley was just rain last Thursday until early evening—we could have been open! But just on the other side of the hill…sounded and looked treacherous on the trees and roads.  Just a head’s up—when we are closed, nothing will be due on those days—all will be changed to the day we are open.  Good news is, we are thawing out, and have had nothing like the ’big freeze’ of January 1977.

            A few weeks ago, we mentioned that the Ripley Friends of the Library had funded the digitalization of our earlier microfilm copies of The Brown County Press, and they are now available on our website through the Newspaper Archives of Ripley, OH tab.  One caveat-there are, as with the Ripley Bee, several files, some of them The Brown County Press, some just Brown County Press going by the banner used that particular year. While BCP is a relatively new paper compared the Ripley Bee that had started in the late 1840s, the earliest microfilm reel we had for BCP started in 1977, so over 40 years old—lots of local information that did not appear in the News Democrat or Ripley Bee. Enjoy! Fun to browse or search.