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Crazy weather, threats and promises of snow and ice, and occasionally it actually happens!.  While we really try to safely open for our library users as much as possible,  sometimes we have to say ‘sorry, we’re closed’.    We post on the library Facebook when we close, and we encourage you to call to be sure we are here if in doubt. The other day we had to close Russellville due to a power outage, but the other libraries were fine– so our apologies for that closure as well as any coming down the pike..  Ice is the hardest to manage– the Ripley library looks lovely on the main corner, but that also means a lot of sidewalk footage to try and make reasonably safe.

It has been a while since we’ve listed new books, so here is a sampling of titles due out in the first half of February. True crime comes to our readers in When A Killer Calls: A Haunting Story of Murder, Criminal Profiling and Justice In A Small Town by John Douglas.  The regular prolific and popular authors have their offerings– Jonathan Kellerman has City of the Dead (Alex Delaware series), James Patterson teams with Howard Roughan to give readers the suspenseful Steal, Stephen Kings teams with Richard Chizmar to wrap up the Gwendy series with Gwendy’s Final Task, the Preston & Child duo pen Diablo Mesa.  J.D. Robb has her latest Death series Abandoned in Death,  M.C. Beaton returns with Hamish Macbeth in Death of a Green-Eyed Monster and Gregg Hurwitz continues the Orphan X series with Dark Horse.

Box office level movies have still not come back in force due to the pandemic. While the distributer we use always has ‘new movies’ available each Tuesday, many of them are repackaged classics. We check our shelves, and if our old copy has gone missing, or is just worn out, we may replace, and these movies do circulate well. Hallmark is a powerhouse at this point for new titles, they do more than just Christmas now, so if you like the genre, we should have something new for you.  A short list of early February releases include: King Richard (Will Smith as father to Venus and Serena Willliams), Disney’s Encanto, The Baker’s Son (Hallmark), Betty White Collection, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

We add lots of titles new and old every week–from board books for the very young to scholarly books–we encourage you to come in and browse–we bet you’ll find something you didn’t know you wanted to read!