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            Well, being closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day worked out well for the weather. While we probably would have opened late on Monday due to the snow, we didn’t have to worry about it!  Please feel free to call whenever you are concerned about the weather/road conditions— we don’t always follow what the school systems are doing, and we understand that sometimes village roads look good, but the back roads, hmm, not so.

          For those of you that enjoy the newspaper archives on our website but haven’t checked in lately, the 2020 local papers are now available, as well as lots of years of the News Democrat that had not been available before. Our initial goal was to have the Ripley Bee, and not necessarily worry about the News Democrat for years that we had the Bee—the Democrat was used more for years we were missing.  However, each paper did have some unique stories and news, so we’ve added lots!  Soon we hope that the Brown County Press, you know, that young paper, will have the early years available as well—The Ripley Friends of the Library are sponsoring that addition, and we anticipate the digitalization to be completed soon.   Please take advantage of this unique bit of local history.  Just go to our website www.ripleylibrary.com and click on the Newspaper Archives tab.  If you find it a bit overwhelming, stop in sometime and we’d be glad to show you some of the tricks that make it easy to use.  You can scan papers for browsing, or look up a specific name or event—fun to do!

            Speaking of friends of the library groups, our Russellville Friends donated money towards books for the Russellville library—the first box arrived today—large print books are gaining popularity everywhere, but we think Russellville may have the most LP books of our libraries. Alas, large print often means large price, especially if they are hardback books, so this gift was used to add to the collection—a mix of romance, westerns, biographies and mysteries—a little of everything to help round out the collection.