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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
I am going to use ‘my’ column to talk about my father, who passed away on Christmas Eve. (There is a library connection!) When my parents moved out to Augusta from eastern Pennsylvania, I thought they were a bit crazy—but on a visit to see them, I understood why they fell in love with the area. Of course, there are beautiful vistas, but it boils down to the good people of the Ohio Valley area. He was loved by many of the Augusta residents, and in turn, he loved them back. Dad was creative and loved to help out with many projects, but especially loved to tinker and fix older things that no one else would work on. This gift he gave freely, and when you look at the library today, the column lights are one of his long-ago projects.
When I arrived in 1994, there were 2 pitted carriage lamps attached to the columns—it was clear that the openings in the columns had been bricked in. Looking at the blueprints and old photos, we knew that it had leaded glass and lights in the column, so Dad took it on as a challenge, and the restored lights have made the front of the library look so much better—but this was Dad, always restoring or improving. There are little fixes in the library that most people wouldn’t notice, but all I had to do was mention a problem with a shelf or something, and he’d be right over. Several residents in Ripley were blessed with his assistance in restoring furniture, or finding the right wood for a project, or just talking shop.
Thank you, John Gibson Jr., you’ve made your part of the world a better place and you will be missed and not forgotten.