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The library family sends their condolences to the List family. Bill List, our longtime Aberdeen maintenance, ‘fixer-upper’ and safety man for nearly 20 years passed away this past weekend, and we’ll miss him. Even though he had retired recently, he’d stop in and catch up on news and we were always happy to see him.  He knew the library inside and out, and took great care of the building.  We also liked to talk about his cattle and farming— how the hay was, what the tobacco looked like, how were the calves doing and other agricultural ‘stuff’—good old farmer knowledge and part of the Ripley heritage.

            Well, the 2021 River Village Christmas Festival is now in the books.  The tree looks lovely, and everyone that had a hand in it should be pleased with the results—the library has received lots of complements. The book sale did well—we’d have to say the crowd was a bit down, but those that came found great books and were generous with their donations.  The Friends and members of the RULH National  Honor Society have been working hard boxing up the books left—we did weed some out, always wanting to only offer the best for our customers. Thanks for Fred Dengler for lining up the Friday night events—Dan who played the trombone, Rev. Settles for his prayer, the Jr. ROTC for presenting the colors. Thanks also to the Mayor for being ‘brave’ enough to flip the switch for the tree lights!

            We have received the next shipment of COVID test kits. We were getting very close to the expiration date on the last shipment, but what we have now has a good grace period. Combined with our libraries, we have handed out nearly 2,000 kits. All you need to do to pick up the kits is call ahead to which ever library you want to stop at, and they will have them ready just inside the door or in the case of Ripley, in the meeting room vestibule. Aberdeen 937-794-2534, Russellville 937-377-2700, Ripley 937-392-4871.