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The rain on Monday morning prevented the Christmas tree from going up as scheduled, but that is why we try to give ourselves several days grace. I’m sure that the tree will be up and decorated for Friday evening’s ‘flipping of the switch’.    Over in the annex, the Friends of the Library as well as volunteers from the RULH Honor Society are working hard to sort the books for the book sale that starts at 6:00 after the tree lighting on Friday. We’ve already filled tables with what was just dropped off in the last week.  Fortunately, we have a lot of tables, and lots of first time out books. We’ll be pleased if we have enough table space for all the we have gotten since the last book sale–we may not as it has been a true bonanza of donations.  The Banks of the Ohio String group will be playing for the crowd in the annex on Friday evening as well.   The sale will also be on Saturday 10-4, and we will be able to  add more items before we open, so even if you browse on Friday, we encourage you to come back Saturday and find more treasures.

If you are not ‘into’ used book sales but still might need a gift, we want to remind you that the Ripley Friends of the Library have a shelf of books for sale in the library—their biggest sellers are Beyond the River by Ann Hagedorn and His Promised Land: The Autobiography of John Parker, but they have others, including signed copies of Ann’s latest book Secret Agent: The Atomic Spy in America that Got Away and a new kid’s book title for kids 8-12 in the Great Escape series Journey to Freedom, 1838—this is a fictionalized story of Eliza Harris crossing the Ohio to freedom, so local context. Shop local– (and of course, read local!)