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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director
As is usually the case, after Thanksgiving, it is a roller coaster ride to Christmas and the end of the year. At Ripley, we will be having the tree lighting on Friday December 10th at 5:30 p.m. and the beginning of the winter book sale in the annex right after—(let me tell you, we have been flooded with donations of books! I think we may need 3 tables for the cookbooks alone…plan for some good treasure hunting.) The Banks of the Ohio will be playing in the annex during the sale as well. Anyway, leading up to the holidays, we thought it might be nice to ‘resurrect’ the fence snowmen that many of you decorated years ago. We have several that were given to us by the artists and we’ll put them up, but if you would like to lend us yours if still around and in good shape, please drop them off before December 7th so we know how many we’ll have for good spacing. Thanks.
Thought I’d look at the Ripley Bee 50 years ago around Thanksgiving. On November 25, 1971, front page news was the record-breaking tobacco prices at $76.91 on the first day, with even higher prices on the second. There was also a tragic car crash near Levanna, leaving 3 dead and 5 injured when a car over corrected and ran into a tractor trailer, starting a domino effect. Ripley Gas Co. was running a Thanksgiving and Christmas sale on stoves, with the very deluxe wood grain and brushed chrome accents with an electric clock! (Prices start at $139.95). Ripley’s newest business, the Village Shop, Betty Rickey, prop. was advertising all the gift items they were selling. The store was in the Economy Furniture store. Remember when gas stations used to give things away? The Ashland station was handing out free punch bowl cups, and for a mere $1.88 you could purchase the 2 gallon punch bowl. Lots of local chit chat, sales, auctions, and events—fun to browse and available 24/7 at www.ripleylibrary.com under the newspaper archives.