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I have been a bit discouraged at the lack of looks at the article from the Columbus Dispatch about Ripley that is posted on our Facebook.  While it is about our past, it is also about our present and hope for the future, and the tintype photographs of current descendants of either slaves or abolitionists, all with Ripley ties, are fascinating to look at—the whole concept of the story, including the audio link to those interviewed and the photographs, is really amazing, and I hope that you will take a look and listen to it.  Kudos to Celie Doyle and the rest of the Columbus Dispatch staff on this multimedia approach of telling an important story.

Yea Aberdeen! We’ve been really pleased with the participation of kids at the Aberdeen branch library this summer—coming to the programs and checking out books in record numbers. Thanks to the kids and the parents/guardians that have remembered the library.  Our other libraries are also doing very well this year, but Aberdeen’s numbers compared to other years is really a very positive change.

Just a general reminder on some of the services we provide, yet people seem to be surprised are available at your local library—at all three libraries we fax for a nominal charge, we have scanners, photocopiers, and printers.  At Ripley, we have a microfilm reader/printer and while most of the time it is used to look at our reels of early newspapers, if you have a reel or sheets of microfiche, you can bring them in to read.

We pleased to announce that  in July, Jeremiah Costa from the Aberdeen staff will be having computer robot classes for kids at all three libraries. Learn how to program an Ozbot or a Sphero SPRK+. The classes are broken up by age, ranging from 8 to 16. Class size is very limited to be able to provide real hands-on fun. More information available at each library.