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Thanks to everyone that came out and supported the Ripley Friends of the Library book sale this past Saturday.  It stayed busy all day, and the Friends are delighted with the generosity from everyone who came in.    I wandered around the tables after the sale and noticed many, but not all, of the 1st edition or even rarer 1st printings were ‘found’, so the scattered missed titles will be available to discover at the next Friends book sale.  I also want to let everyone know we didn’t have the table space to put everything out, so there will be lots of new material next sale as well.  Don’t know when it will be, but probably this winter. Stay tuned!

We’ve been so happy with the return of kids in the library– the story times are being well attended, families we haven’t seen for a year are coming back in and seeing and checking out all the new books, and just hearing the chatter and filling the book bags with books has been incredibly rewarding.  While we’ve been open since May of 2020, it seems, in some ways, we’ve just re-opened, and our family of patrons is returning.  Your kids can still sign up and participate in our Tales and Tails program–we have a few kids that are really close to earning their t-shirt, but you have until school starts to meet your reading goal, so stop in, get a book bag and join the fun.