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Good news about the at-home Covid-19 test kits all of our libraries have for you to pick up. The state has worked with Abbott and Navica so the registering and testing can all be done at one time, basically on one site.  We still have plenty of test kits, so feel free to stop by and pick them up. We have heard them being used for proof of negativity after a vacation but before returning to work, checking because someone thought they might have been in the presence of someone who later was positive, and before going to visit an elderly loved one. All of these reasons and more make sense to double-check, and the state along with the libraries as being a distribution point of the kits, makes it free and easy.  FYI, we do not keep names of those that pick up the kits, and have no contact with the testing site.

While it was very good news that Brown County went down to ‘yellow’ status this past week, we will still be quarantining our material and requiring masks to be worn in the library.  The state numbers overall are a bit unstable yet, and we want our staff and patrons to be safe as well as following protocol.  From an old friend back in Pennsylvania, we heard that their county-wide library system was still at curbside service only and we’ve been back open since mid-May 2020.

Our books on Coney Island are good for walking down memory lane, and we just saw an announcement for a book on King’s Island due to be released. We’ve ordered it so it should be in our system sometime next month. Author Evan Ponstingle worked at King’s Island and noted there was not a history book for King’s Island anywhere, so at the tender age of 17, Evan wrote one—over 300 pages long, with lots of pictures, interviews and history of this nearly 50 year old institution.