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Library Talk March 18

Sometimes I think we forget how historically important our town and county is—one of the most obvious reasons is our role in the Underground Railroad.  The library
works hard on finding new bits of information, but we also find it very satisfying that in children’s books our stories are also told, considering how many amazing tales of bravery and sacrifice can be found nationwide.  So, apologies for such a long lead into the latest juvenile book.  There is a series for young readers, for 8-12 years old titled Great Escapes, with titles such as Surviving the Wilderness, Nazi Prison Camp Escape, Civil War Breakout and…
Journey to Freedom, 1838 by Sherri Winston. This book follows slave Eliza Harris, her escape and ultimately crossing the Ohio River and being aided by Ripley’s John Rankin. In the bibliography, the author notes the importance of John Rankin and that the house still stands. How cool is that? If your child has enjoyed the ‘I Survived’ series, this is a worthy group of books to try. We’ve also purchased a few of the series titles on audio, great for family listening in the car, or inspiring your reluctant reader.

While we didn’t think we’d be overwhelmed with people rushing to pick up the in-house (your house!) Covid-19 test kits, we did think that there would be an interest and a use.  Interestingly, not a single kit was picked up in the first week.   As explained before, there is no charge, all done at your speed, the only requirement is that you have to have access at home to either a smartphone, tablet or computer that links visual and audio with the test proctor, who basically walks you through the test and waits with you for the results. 15 minutes later, you have the result, and if you need to prove you are negative for travel or work, or suspect you or a family member might have been in contact with the virus, this is about as easy and convenient as it gets.  So, yes, we still have plenty of kits if you find the need to pick one up. All three libraries have kits, please call ahead and they will have them bagged and ready to go.