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From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director

July? Already? Part of this strange year seemed to drag on while we waited for the daily update on the Corona dashboard, or wondered what the latest stay-at-home policies are (still questions asked frequently as we muddle through) then spring was here, but didn’t quite seem complete, and now, summer with the Ohio River Valley heat and humidity. Half the year gone, let’s hope for a better second half.

Anyway, we are glad to see a few more people entering the library, and we continue to add more titles to our shelves, so I’m taking the easy route today and listing a few of the new books to be added this week.

While V.C. Andrews has been dead for over 35 years, her books, or tie-ins to her “Flowers in the Attic” phenomenon, continue to be written by a ghost writer. So, if you are a fan, the latest Shadows of Foxworth is out.

Mysteries with dogs seem to be a perennial hit—both in the paperback and hardback market. We have several series with dogs playing a part—sometimes as search and rescue, sometimes as pets, some have dialogue, some are intuitive, some are just good background material. We’ve just added the first in a new series by Jeffery Burton titled The Finders. The dog is a golden retriever named Vira who will be trained as a cadaver dog and will help in the solving of a murder mystery.

Books about women during WWII, both in fiction and non-fiction have been quite popular lately. Karen Robards, always a NYT Bestseller author, tries her hand at the topic in her novel The Black Swan or Paris with an estranged family having to re-connect to help in the resistance movement.

Some readers shy away from short story collections, but I’m betting on fans of Sara Paretsky’s novels to give her collection a try—titled Love and Other Crimes, it does include a few V.I. Warshawski stories as well as other short crime and detective tales.

Kevin Kwan, author of the popular Crazy Rich Asians series has written Sex and Vanity. It is his twist on the Room with a View storyline, and of course filled with details of the very wealthy.

FYI, we will be closed on Saturday, July 4th in honor of Independence Day.