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 We ‘released’ the Hotspots last week, and are hoping that this will be a positive and fruitful part of our circulating collection. Of course, libraries these days deal with all types of materials, and we sometimes wonder what our predecessors would think of all the ‘stuff’ we lend out beyond paper books.  I’ll always have a soft spot for the physical book, but I do appreciate the amazing stuff (and wonder what is next) that we get to handle.

                The library received a large amount of donated books this past week, and while most will be available at the next Friends of the Library book sale, I always go through the boxes to see if there is something new/ different/ in better shape than ours to consider adding to our collection.  Very much like a treasure hunt—should we add this or that title? If none of the other libraries in our group have a particular title, is it because there isn’t much interest, or people just don’t know about it? Will it become one of those ‘sleeper’ popular books? Will it serve a purpose and be worthy of shelf space? Questions, questions.  Easy way to spend hours…..

                A few Sundays ago we had a great crowd come in to listen to Dan Pinger talk about his book A Reporter’s Memoir: When the Mob ruled Newport.  (Dan was a Cincinnati Enquirer reporter and covered this topic in the late 1950s early 1960s, so he was in the thick of the story).  We ran out of books to sell, and ran out of time to ask all the questions that wanted to be asked. So, Dan has agreed to speak again, this time at the Aberdeen Branch library on Saturday, March 14th at 11:00 a.m.  We hope that the change in day and time will allow those that missed it will be able to join us. The library is very near the Dollar General.  We’ve purchased a small box of books that Dan will be happy to sign after the talk.