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A mix of unrelated details this week.
Genealogy club will be meeting this Thursday, January 16th at 6:30
in the Ripley library meeting room. As always  open to the public, and we
encourage you to join in the search for your ancestors!
This Saturday, January 18th, at 10:30 in the morning at the Ripley
library,  we will be making snowmen (that may have a striking resemblance to
a snowman seen in a recent movie.) and having fun. While the weather isn’t
conducive to making outside snowmen yet, kids 5-11 years old are welcome to
join us in making the inside version-space is limited, so please call and
sign up. 392-4871.
Monday, January 20th our three libraries will be closed in observance of
Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
This past week we had the opportunity to add three old editions of local
newspapers to our collection. News Democrat from July 30, 1891, and
Georgetown Gazette from January 25th and December 13, 1899.  All of these
dates are earlier than what we previously owned of these papers, so a good
addition. In time, we will have them digitalized and added to our online
collection.  The 1890s is one of the decades we have some serious gaps, so
any newspaper that fills a date is important to have.
Tidbits of interest from a quick glance at the papers include the prices of
tobacco in 1899-ranging from 6 to 15 cents per pound, apparently
considerably higher than the previous year.   R.C. Rankin almost lost his
horse and buggy in the creek above Fitch’s Ridge as the horse got stuck in
the mud and the water was flowing over its back, but with help from
neighbors, the  horse ( and most of the buggy) was saved.  There was a
murder east of Higginsport-Joe Hall shot and killed William Butler, and
Rear-Admiral A.V. Kautz of Brown County will sail to the Samoan Islands to
help quell the unrest .  Many residents of Ripley were suffering from a bout
of the grip (today known as influenza or the flu) in early 1899.