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End of the year, again, already, good grief! With the warm weather, it
doesn’t really feel like late December/ early January, but the calendar
tells us it is….

Thanks to the people that came to Robert Hawkins’ talk about his Book of
Matches book. We have copies now in our collection, out circulating for
interested readers. I know it was a busy time, so I do appreciate those
that found the time to stop in.

Have thank you cards to send? I know, an old-fashioned custom, but fun
to receive in the mail. Several of the designs of the cards the Ripley
Friends of the Library have for sale are quite appropriate for a wintery
but not necessarily holiday message. Just a thought.

I want to thank everyone that uses our libraries. From the obvious
checking out books and movies, to the stopping at the Russellville
Branch to purchase postage stamps, to Aberdeen Branch to print out some
amazing photographs with the assistance of Jeremiah, to coming to our
preschool storytimes, attending a wide array of programs, digging for
historical material, sending a fax, printing a shipping label, just
coming in to chat, learning new skills, using us ‘remotely’ by
downloading ebooks and audiobooks— we enjoy being able to help people
with useful as well as fun tasks. Is there a program or service you’d
like us to add in 2020? We’d love to hear about it, and will take the
ideas seriously. I hope that everyone near and far has a happy, healthy
and amazing 2020, and we hope to continue to be an interesting and
inspirational part of your new year.

Just a reminder—Matt Carpenter will be at the Ripley Library for
one-on-one technology assistance on your device or ours on Wednesday
January 8th and 22nd from 5-7 p.m., but only if there is an appointment
made! This is free and fun, so if you received a tablet or iPad for
Christmas and are having issues with it, or want to try out the
downloadable books but can’t quite get the hang of it, now is your time
to have free and local help—just stop by or call 392-4871 to reserve a