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Friends of the Library want me to remind everyone that they hope you will join them in the annex for the free History of Rock and Roll presentation on Friday August 16th at 6:00 p.m.—in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the Friends will be giving each of the first 60 people a free tie-dyed bandanna.

            School is starting for most our younger patrons next week, and we see the ‘first day of school’ books leaving our shelves, a little bit of chatter on it seems too soon to go back (yes it does! Of course, ‘back in the day’ we didn’t go until after Labor Day, and that is still where  my mental calendar is), but we hope that having the summer reading program, the visiting presenters, the art camps have helped make the summer fun.   Please, if you are close to your reading goal for a t-shirt, make that last push—we really want to be able to give you that hard-earned t-shirt, but we’ll have the close the doors on that soon. Many libraries in Ohio have already filed their final summer reading program report, but we like to ‘keep the door open’ as long as possible!

            A few new books for this week include: Sandra Brown’s suspenseful Outfox in which an FBI agent has been chasing a murderer for over 30 years, and when he finally gets close, it gets personal, of course James Patterson has one coming out, this week two!  The Inn pits new coastal inn owner and a few of the residents against a ruthless crime lord, and all the inn owner wanted to do was retire to somewhere peaceful away from violence, and The Warning, where residents are allowed back into the town they call home after a freaky nuclear plant accident, but the town, and the people, are not the same or safe….  Readers have probably noticed a trend towards fictional books using historical characters, especially strong women. Mary Doria Russell selected Annie Clements, who stood up to the horrific conditions of the copper mining in Michigan in the early 20th century in The Women of the Copper Country.  Robert Crais serves up another Elvis Cole and Joe Pike novel in A Dangerous Man. For our biography readers, Barnam : An American Life looks like a good choice—P.T. Barnam was a genius, a rogue, was incredibly rich as well as bankrupt,  and in some ways epitomizes the crazy American sense of the belief that anything is possible.