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With summer rolling along, thoughts of fall wander through—the Ripley Friends of the Library are planning their 5th annual Silent Auction and Fish Fry for mid-September, and they need artwork for the silent auction which has been lots of fun over the years. This is a shout out for creative people to be thinking about making something—this year, rather than asking everyone to start with the same base,(remember the fish, oars, birdhouses and fronds?) Friends are only asking you use a theme—Getting to Know Ripley—what you like about it, what inspires you, what theme or idea that comes to mind when you think of Ripley.  We have dried gourds and roof slates if you want a surface to start with, but if your ‘thing’ is sculpting, painting on canvas, pottery, wood or whatever, this is your year!  If you plan on participating, please let one of the Friends know, or let me know, so we have some idea of how many cool items we will have to display and then auction. We would love to have the pieces in by August 31st so we have time to display in-house for a little while before the ‘big event’. Join us in having some creative fun as well as supporting the Ripley Friends of the Library. Questions?  Please give us a call at 392-4871.

          A week from Sunday (July 21st at 2:00 p.m.) we will have Tom Zachman present a talk about Apollo 11 and the landing on the moon. Discussion, clips from documentaries and movies, models and Tom’s passion and knowledge of rockets, astronauts and more will provide a unique vantage point on this 50th anniversary year of the momentous lunar landing. This will be held at the annex, 19 Main Street.

            We hope your children have enjoyed the summer reading program—we’ve had fun reading and making cool things throughout the summer. While the six week cycle of programs is now over, your children are encouraged to continue to read, and have until mid-August to read towards a t-shirt—be on the lookout for the dark blue shirts with our unique design— a fun way to show off your reading accomplishments. The staff get a kick out of some of our adult patrons remembering earning their t-shirts—some can rattle off the year and the design better than we can—always interesting what will spark a strong and positive memory.