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Seems only yesterday that the library was gearing up for the Summer Reading Program, and no it is more than half over!  We’ve had good crowds and participation at our programs, and as with past years, your child can still sign up this late in the season.

We have had our first ‘fifty book’ reader and there are more kids close behind, but no worries, your child has until mid-August to read enough to earn a custom designed t-shirt.  Thanks to the Friends groups that are sponsoring the t-shirts—we think it is a great incentive.

With the first true day of summer this Friday we get to enjoy the longest amount of daylight this year—alas, it would be nice if the rain held off for a few evenings.  This Saturday I hope that many of you will visit Ripley to enjoy the second annual Day in the Garden.  Look for the bright yellow signs on Front and Seconds Streets from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. A mix of artisans, music, gardens and information to be seen and enjoyed here in Ripley—a nice showcase for the town.   Of course, from the library’s viewpoint, if you stop in the library to visit while in town,  we’d love to see you!

A few library patrons stopped at the library this Sunday and I happened to be near the door and noticed they looked a little confused that we were not open. I asked them why they thought we were, and I was told that when they searched the web it said we were closed on Saturday but open on Sunday. Wow, we’ve never had that combination so I investigated—sure enough, if you googled Ripley Library some strange hours came up on the sidebar. None of the hours were correct, and this was not a site we manage.  I’m glad to say Google allowed an edit to the hours, but I wonder how many people haven’t visited the library in the evenings when it said we closed at 5:00 p.m. rather than 8;00 p.m., or some other odd time.  When in doubt, check out website at www.ripleylibrary.com, and take this story as a cautionary tale on what is accurate on the web.