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 Practically spring fever weather this week.  Walking around in my very muddy backyard I am seeing tips of tulips emerging, the older peonies peeking out, and of course, the dandelions, the onion grass, and the creeping charley working on taking over. One thing about the mud, it does make it easier to pull weed roots out.  Anyway, gardening fever will be here soon, so I was browsing our latest books to be added to our collection, and there are two with gardening themes. Gardening with Emma by Emma Biggs is advertised as a kid-to-kid guide, but it is good for the ‘kid’ in all of us—fun ideas, sound gardening advice, and the ‘permission’ to get muddy, play silly and have a good time, along with discovering the joys of gardening. (Emma Biggs is 12 years old). In the intro, she says kids are not grown-ups, and lots of grown-ups want their garden to look good for when other grown-ups come to visit—how true! 

The other gardening theme book is more a craft idea book—Do-It-Yourself Garden Projects and Crafts: 60 Planters, Bird Houses, Lotion Bars, Garlands and More! By Debbie Wolfe.  Most of these ideas could be done now before all your time is spent outside..her ideas cover the gamut from making and using a flower press, creating a rain chain, making plant tags from soda cans, sewing up a gardener’s apron, to making lotion bars to clean and moisturize your hands. Yes, ideas like these and more are available on the web, but somehow, seeing it in a book, with lots of pictures and simple instructions makes the project more doable.

On Saturday, March 23rd at 10:30 a.m. we welcome back Shaheen Miro to the Ripley library. His talk this time is fairly informal—he’ll talk about spring ‘cleaning’ and getting in touch with your intuitions, but it will also be a time for the audience to ask questions and share experiences with psychic happenings of their own—we never seem to have enough time to cover audience interaction when Shaheen visits, so we hope you bring your questions and stories to share. As always, this program is free and open to the public. We’ve just learned that Shaheen and co-author Theresa Reed have a new book planned for release July 1st—title is Tarot for Troubled Times: Confront your Shadow, Heal Your Self and Transform the World! We will be adding a copy to our collection.