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Library Talk January 10, 2019

Of course it is fun to find a book that mentions your hometown, and we’ve recently added two titles, both gifts from the authors, and we are pleased to add to the collection.

Ruth Ochs Webster is writing a Civil War series, and she visited the library this past fall doing some research for her next book, but her most recently published book is titled Jesse: 53rd Kentucky. This is a novel, but Ruth uses military records, historical newspaper accounts and genealogical research to set the stage for her books, and the Jesse Cooke the book is named after has his sweetheart in Ripley, and married her shortly after the war. One of Jesse’s children is the author’s grandmother. So, a novel set in Covington, Ripley, Cincinnati and the various battlefields of the Civil War with some real local ties.

For our younger readers, although easily read and of interest to adults, is Rebel Raiders by Lisa Trimble Actor. Again, based on family lore, this book tells the tale told by the author’s great, great aunt who, at nine years old, served breakfast to Morgan’s Raiders in a ‘trade’ not to burn their farm down— this was during Morgan’s Ohio raid, and while the story is more in Jackson County, Morgan had run through Brown on his way. Based on a true story.

Orange Frazier Press out of Wilmington has released Alexander Watson’s River Queens: Saucy boat, stout mates, spotted dog, America. Two men who had virtually no experience in boating, let alone restoring a 1955 ChrisCraft, do so, and leave Texas to end up in Cincinnati, learning all about boating, the language, the down-to-earth people that live either on or beside our rivers. So, a kind of travelogue, memoir, adventure tale and more. Sorry they didn’t make it as far as Ripley, but maybe in the future?  Joseph-Beth Bookstore is having Mr. Watson discuss and sign copies on January 15th at 7:00 p.m. at their Cincinnati store on Madison Street.

What is it about kids and slime? Seems they love to make it and play with the gooey stuff, so we are going to help them!  This Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at the Aberdeen Library, join us in making some awesome slime. This event is for 6-12 year olds—if you plan on coming to the free event, please give the Ripley Library (392-4871) or the Aberdeen Library (795-2534) a call so we know how many to expect.