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Torn between reviewing 2018 and looking towards 2019.
A big thank you for the support for the libraries as shown by the passing of the levy. We are so relieved that you believe in the worth of your local libraries, and we hope to live up to your expectations! With the long-term levy in place, we will be able to plan for the future.  The state funding can be a bit of a roller coaster, in fact we just got a notice that 2019 forecasts are a bit down from the earlier figures, but we’ll be ok, and the numbers will likely change again mid-year. As with personal and business budgets, you have to plan to roll with the changes.

One of the changes in the works in early 2019 is some new equipment at the Aberdeen Branch—a small 3-D printer and a powerful computer to do graphics and programming to learn on one-on-one with Jeremiah Costa.   Stay tuned for details.

Work on the annex will resume in 2019, and we hope to have the exterior look much better (what? No mismatched and broken concrete blocks? Exterior lighting? No rotten wood on the utility box? Oh my!) We hope that it fits with the library and helps the Ripley street scape.

Of course, the regular, meat and potatoes stuff will continue. We plan on doing some more weeding and making room for new and interesting books and movies, more one-on-one help with technology- a reminder that Russellville has a dedicated Guiding Ohio Online person that will help you with your tech questions, show you some new fascinating tools, and answer questions—it doesn’t matter how ‘silly’ the question seems, if you want to learn the basics, stop on by on Tuesday or Wednesday at Russellville, or call to make an appointment. (377-2700)

I hope that all of our ‘family’ members have a healthy and prosperous 2019.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the library.